What is Taktak ?

The Taktak project is buildingĀ  a new payment solution designed by and for media organizations and journalists. It is supported by the Creative Europe program of the European Union.

Taktak aims to generate new revenue streams for news publishers and independent journalists, with an innovative donation solution that engages users and allows the beneficiaries to join forces through a dynamic revenue-share option. The tool will trigger donations on a per-article basis,, with the possibility for the revenue to be split between journalists and publishers with tools that allow the reader to choose the share for each party.

This donation solution will not only diversify online business opportunities, but will also improve the relationships between media companies and freelancers and encourage the production of more high-quality journalism.

The Taktak solution responds to three current realities of the news industry:

  • The collaborative relationship between media and freelance journalists, who hold an increasingly important place in the news ecosystem as staff positions are reduced
  • The untapped opportunities of media working together on joint reporting efforts, and across languages
  • The growth in direct reader revenue, in particular in the form of donations

With the input of independent journalists from across Europe, a consortium of five digital news outlets (Spain, Bulgaria, France, Portugal and Ukraine) two news associations (France and Czech Republic) and one technology provider (Greece) will develop this innovative donation solution.