Is Taktak for you ?


The Taktak solution aims to your income-per-article, while strengthening the relationships with the media companies you work with. Your feedback is essential for the design of the donation solution so that we can create it in the best way possible for you.

Media companies

The Taktak solution aims to increase your revenue streams and audience engagement, enabling a new digital economic model and facilitating positive relationships with independent journalists.

News readers

This is not a subscription model ! you are free to donate the amount of your choice to an article that you liked! Pay as you read and as you want!

Associations representing the media sector

As representatives of the media sector, we have the same objectives: finding new tools for the future and sustainability of media and enabling good quality journalism.

Policy makers

We are very much concerned by the freedom of press and democracy and align with the same objectives. The Taktak donation solution offers news insights into potential new revenue streams and encourages high-quality journalism and diversity in its coverage. The project also raises the question of a possible European-wide tax exemption for donations to qualified media outlets.

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